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The Most Important Words Used In Levantine Arabic 

By Khaled Nassra 

Designed for easy use by language students, this convenient reference book lists key vocabulary in the areas of media, law and economics, in addition to providing a comprehensive introduction to essential nouns, verbs, and adverbs. Set out in clear and concise tables, it allows learners of different levels to increase their range of specialist language step-by-step, at a steady and undemanding pace. Comprising over 5000 words and phrases commonly found in print media, as well as television and radio, this is an indispensable guide to students wishing to expand and strengthen their Modern Standard Arabic vocabulary – One of the most essential Arabic learning books.
Price: £15.99

Teach Yourself Spoken Arabic


Interested in the Middle East? Keen to learn a practical rewarding form of Arabic? Want to study, work or travel in the Levant? Then this book is for you. It presents the colloquial language of Syria and Lebanon in a clear, straightforward way. It includes an easy understand section which compares and converts the grammar of colloquial Arabic, to the grammar of Modern Standard Arabic.
Price: £24.75
The book include:.
  • The difference between Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Arabic.
  • Over 200 Fully Conjugated verbs.
  • Example sentences for the 30 most commonly used verbs
  • Useful expression
  • Dialogues for relevant situations
  • Essential vocabulary


Sho Fi Mafi Online Course

This course focuses on learning Levantine Arabic dialect which is spoken in (Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan). 

Price: $15