The official language of Syria is Arabic, but very few speak the formalized version of this outside of a learning environment. The majority of those in Syria, and indeed most of the Middle East, speak different Syrian dialects. Each of these is part of Levantine Arabic. The wonderful thing about Levantine Arabic is that it is understood by the majority of Middle Eastern inhabitants. This language is soft and flows at a slower pace than many of the other dialects, making it very easy to learn.

Why Learn Syrian Dialects

The Middle East is a place of varied languages. Knowing one language that is understood by the majority helps you navigate the country easier. Those who must travel to this area for business or for political reasons are at an advantage if they can communicate effectively. Many journalists have found this to be one of the best things they have done in preparation for working with the refugees from these areas and reporting on the events that are taking place. Studies have shown that the more languages an individual can speak, the higher their salary and position tend to be. With French and Spanish being popular second languages, knowing Arabic will give you an edge.

Social Work

Germany has many citizens who have learned the Syrian dialect. This is because there are a great many refugees in Germany and it was necessary to find a way to communicate with them. At a time when your world is already falling apart, learning a new language isn’t easy. For those who deal with the refugees, learning the language that is familiar helps ease fears and create a sense of comfort among the chaos.

This is something that those who cialis 20mg work with Syrian refugees all across the world can benefit from learning. Effectively communicating is the biggest wall breaker there is, allowing a free path to understanding and being able to give and receive help. Anyone who works with the media or in social services can benefit greatly from learning this dialect.


Many refugee children are now entering the school system. Having some teachers who can speak their language helps them settle into a new environment much quicker and with less stress. Even the children that have begun to learn English may not have parents who yet speak it. In order to communicate with the families, which is essential for a successful transition for the children, someone needs to be readily available to translate.

Where to Learn

Learning a language can take time. When you are working a full-time job, taking care of a family and trying to live your life, it can be difficult to find time to put aside for learning. It is also not easy finding somewhere that teaches some of the languages that until recently haven’t been needed in most of the country. There is an easy solution. Nassra Arabic is a website that has taken a decade to mature. It offers a way to learn the Syrian dialects at your own pace, from home. The website has many audio and video lessons available and there is the opportunity to try a lesson out to see if this method is for you, before you commit to taking a course.

Whether you want a simple understanding of the language to get through a basic conversation or you want to immerse yourself completely in the language, there is a course that will meet your needs. Check it out today and see what you think. You could be on your way to a new adventure tomorrow.

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