Would you say that you are an adventurous person? Do you love to visit far off lands and be surrounded by different cultures? Some people find it exhilarating to set off for foreign countries in the hopes of learning about other ways of life. To others, the experience can be quite humbling. It can be quite difficult to navigate your way in an unfamiliar place.

This is especially true if you have no knowledge of the native language. Without being able to effectively communicate, you could easily be led astray or find it harder to assist those in need. As it relates to the current state of the world, for example, learning the Syrian dialect in preparation for a visit to Germany, or Europe in general, would be a good idea. With the number of refugees making homes in this part of the globe, it is likely that you will meet many who speak this form of Arabic.

Here are some other benefits to learning Syrian dialect:

Openness to New Cultures

When you decide to learn a foreign language, you might think that you are already pretty open to learning about new cultures. While that may be true, it is only through practice that you can truly embrace a language and what it means to its people. Taking this skill to a location where it is used almost exclusively forces you to be immersed in the lifestyle. This will give you a better sense of what it is like to be a resident.

You will be able to converse with those around you and understand their plight. Being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes can be a tough concept to grasp, but an open mind will begin a path to an open heart and a deeper level of awareness.

Career and Volunteer Expansion

Being bilingual or polylingual is seen as a strong skillset by many employers and organisations. Being able to speak to a larger audience, literally, is a tremendous asset to companies who work on an international level. With your help, the company can understand a variety of cultures and the needs of their people. It will be able to accommodate a larger audience and you can be the vehicle to spearhead the message.

With regards to volunteering, many who seek new homes in the region will find an ally in you, someone who can relate to them through speech and make a connection they would not have otherwise. As rewarding as it will be for refugees to meet someone who can understand them, it will be just as rewarding for you; knowing that you can help others is such a great power.

Opportunities In Teaching

If you already have experience in teaching young children and would like to continue on that path, learning Syrian dialects would be a great idea. Many refugees are enrolling their children into school systems all over the world. By learning their language, it not only benefits you to be able to understand them, but it would give the kids more of a reason to stay engage in your lessons. You will be a role model in this new and scary stage in their lives. If you go the extra mile to make that connection, they will see that effort. It will make them feel comfortable and willing to give you their trust. They will want to go to school; they will want to learn. Ultimately, you will be enriching their lives in a way that no other teacher could.
Online Arabic lessons are available to those interested in learning the Syrian dialect. This knowledge and skill will prove to come in handy for your upcoming visit or move to Europe. To learn Arabic online, try taking on the Nassra Arabic Method.

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