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We are Teaching Levantine Arabic (Syrian, Lebanese, Jordanian and Palestine dialect) 

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  • Book  “Teach Your self Spoken Arabic” bestselling
  • Book “The Most Important Word Used In Spoken Arabic”
  • Weekly Arabic Podcast
  • 24 Hours Student Support ” Avg. response time”30 minutes
  • Arabic Cultural Awareness Training
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Cancel Anytime.
  • Full Access to All Levels In The Nassra Arabic Method Platform
  • Book “Teach Yourself Spoken Arabic” bestselling
  • Book “The Most Important Word Used In Spoken Arabic”
  • Weekly Arabic Podcast
  • 24 Hours Student Support ” Avg. response time”30 minutes”
  • Arabic Cultural Awareness Training
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  • Book “Teach Your Spoken Arabic.” Bestselling
  • Book “The Most Important Word Used In Spoken Arabic.”
  • Weekly Arabic Podcast.
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  • The Nassra Method In A Classroom Experience. 
  • 24 Hours Student Support ” Avg. response time”15 minutes
  • Arab Cultural Awareness Training
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Free First Advice On The Phone

Free First Advice On The Phone

Our Free First Advice is a cost-free way of making an initial enquiry to find out more details about the Nassra Arabic method and what we do. It’s all part of The Nassra Arabic commitment to our customers.

It doesn’t cost you anything to call us to find out If and how we can help you achieve your goals in learning the Arabic language.

First Advice Promise

First Advice promise puts you directly in touch with The Nassra team who will happily talk to you to clarify  how you can use The Nassra Arabic Method Program.

Our three-step guide to getting Free First Advice:

Step 1

Call on (+44) 02032909323 for a five-minute chat.

Our Whatsup : (+44) (0) 7868168450

Step 2

We’ll listen carefully to you, clarify what you’re trying to achieve.

Step 3

This service is without obligation. We simply provide you with the information and how the Nassra Arabic method will help to learn Arabic in matters of hours.


Key Features of The Nassra Arabic Method Online Arabic Course

High-quality, Full HD video library & audio lessons

You have access to over 400 interactive video and audio  recordings from beginner to advanced level. Taking Arabic lessons online has never been easier.

Strategic learning

Nassra Arabic method uses the most effective strategies to enable you to speak Arabic in a matter of hours not years. Arabic lessons online have never been better structured.

Interactive and structured courses

All our courses are interactive and structured in away that will make learning Arabic enjoyable and fun.


Comprehensive Exercises

Every one of our online Arabic courses includes comprehensive exercises which enable you to revise all of the new vocabulary and phrases that you have learnt at each level.

Learn on the go

Nassra Arabic Method is available on to deliver Arabic lessons online via mobile and tablet, which enables you to learn Arabic whenever you want.

Regularly updated videos and audio lessons

Every month new video and audio lessons are uploaded to the membership area.

Our Philosophy Is That Every Student Deserves The Chance to Reach Their Full potential.

Our Values and Mission

Help our students to achieve their goal

It will mean so much to us to see you getting better every day and progress in learning Arabic with us. This is the best satisfaction we can truly have.

We usually give 3 months access when you start getting better in Arabic.

How can you get 3 months free access?

  • Sign up for monthly access
  • Send us a video of you speaking some Arabic phrases after using our method for 6 months.
  • The Arabic phrases and work should be from the classes you have learned.
  • The Nassra Arabic co-creators will look at your video and grant you 3 months access for committing to our classes
Make our students confident in spoken Arabic quickly

Many people think Arabic is a hard language to learn. That is not true! The reason why some people think in that way, because of the old fashion that Arabic teachers present the language. We want to show to everyone that learning Arabic is actually easy and the Nassra method will help you to get fluent in matters of hours not years!

Give a discount for students and people with low income.

Are you a student or you have a low income? Don’t worry! You can still learn Arabic with us.

Please give us a call and we can discuss the situation. 

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 Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this course different from other Arabic courses available online?

The Nassra Arabic Method is the only personalised, on-demand, and interactive online tool for learning spoken Arabic. It was created after a decade of research by Omar and Khaled Nassra. It has been tested on hundreds of our foreign students. It is the only online Arabic course where you are guaranteed to put your newly-acquired language skills into practice immediately.

Why a spoken Arabic course?

There are two branches of the Arabic language: Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and colloquial, that is spoken Arabic. Most people begin to learn MSA thinking that this is the language used to communicate day to day in the Middle East. However, MSA is not used in day to day communication, as it is to Arabic what Shakespearean English is to English.

What does the Nassra Arabic course entail?

Arabic Lessons are delivered online primarily via video and audio, with PDF supplements. Omar and Khaled present a series of videos, from beginner to advanced, using their proven Arabic language teaching techniques. The videos are interactive and tailored in a way to help you advance quickly in the language in a way most useful to you.

What happens after I purchase the course?

You will receive an email with your password and your username within 5 minutes and you can then simply log in and get started learning Arabic right away!

Will I notice a difference in my Arabic speaking after just 30 days?

Provided you follow the daily lessons and assignments, you will improve quickly. So confident are we, that if you do not notice a difference in your Arabic, we will give you your money back.

Do I have to commit to paying for a certain amount of months?

No. You can pay month-by-month and cancel anytime. There is an option to pay 12 months in advance at a reduced rate. However, if you are not happy with the programme, you can cancel and receive your remaining balance.

Are my credit card details secure?

Of course. We process payments through Paypal which securely stores and encrypts your private information.

Happy Clients

Khaled’s major strength is his ability to connect, to understand how to help me learn (what’s important, strategies for daily learning, how to recognise obstacles and overcome them, reviewing this regularly). He focuses on communication, which is brilliant – we speak a lot and this really helps my confidence. I find him a really intuitive, encouraging and patient teacher.


James Eyre

Foreign Office diplomats

I definitely recommend the Nassra Arabic Method to everyone who wants to gain immediate confidence in speaking Arabic in practical and effective way

Cheryl Brumley

I would highly recommend Khaled Nassra as an Arabic Tutor. I studied Media Arabic with him for a month. The Course was very well prepared and provided me with a solid foundation of the language of media.“

Edward Posnett Oxford University

“I found Omar an excellent teacher and achieved more in the limited time available to me than I had expected. I learned the alphabet, and am now able to read and write; we covered some basic grammar; I gained a reasonable vocabulary (perhaps 300 – 400 words) in areas relevant to my forthcoming job as Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy in Riyadh and to life there; and I feel I have an understanding of the way in which Arabic works – sentence construction etc. All in all, this should help considerably as I assimilate the culture in Saudi Arabia, and gives me sound framework for further study in-country. Omar was friendly, patient and clear, understanding my needs and pitching the lessons appropriately. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a teacher of Arabic. I should be happy to be contacted direct ( in case of need. ”


Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy in Riyadh

My experience with Nassra Arabic Method has been amazing, I am so happy to have learned so much and thank you for it!! I would definitely recommend these courses to others.

Adil Khan

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